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At the insistence of American visiting troops, a form of golf was played on Benbecula as early as 1962.The "course" consisted of four holes in the centre green of the airfield. At that time, airport traffic was primarily military. As the air traffic increased and safety became paramount, the "course" was eventually outlawed.

In 1984 the arrival of golf loving RSM John Ransome at the RA Range Hebrides heralded the rebirth of golf interest and he, together with fellow enthusiasts, designed and built the course much as it is today. John was later to complete a second tour in the Hebrides in a more senior status and continue to improve the course known as the RA Range Golf Club.

As the RA Range civilian staff increased, it became quickly apparent that the club should be open to civilians, both range employees and local inhabitants and when the course was officially opened late in 1985 by the Range Brigadiers wife Mrs Painter, there was a mixture of both military and civilians present

The course was to be and still is to this day, maintained by its members on a voluntary basis, much of the original equipment coming from various mainland military sources, which at that time, were being transformed from self maintenance to contractual maintenance.

In the 1990`s and demise of the cold war, the RA Range lost much of its purpose and the exit of Military personnel began. It was apparent that if the club were to survive, it should be handed over to its now majority civilian members. This was done and the club re-named The Benbecula Golf Club with the resident "oyster catchers" providing a club emblem. At this time the ground was still owned by the M.O.D.

In 2009, with a mere handful of military staff on the Island and rapidly decreasing numbers of visiting units, the M.O.D. decided to sell land no longer required for operational purposes and offer it to the local community under the right to buy scheme. A sports association was formed on Benbecula and with grant aid, the land was purchased in 2010. The ground to be leased to the club by the association.

At the time of writing, the club has some 65 members and a constantly increasing number of visitors. An "honesty box" is in operation and the course very well maintained by the members, with a great many competitions taking place throughout the year.

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